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Tammy Holden

When Tammy married she felt she was leaving her life of poverty behind! Unfortunately, when the economy took a dive in February 2006, her husband was laid off from his construction job and they were forced to make a tough decision to downsize much of what they owned so he could go back to school.

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Haley Hall

Last summer Haley came into the Middle Georgia Consortium seeking employment in our Summer Youth Program. Unfortunately, she did not meet the eligibility criteria. Well into the second semester of this school term, Haley telephoned our office seeking guidance. She had registered for a "Work Based Education class", and had no job.

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Chanlin Boyd

Chanlin came to the Middle Georgia Consortium's Summer Teen Partnership Recruitment session held at Hawkinsville High School. Chanlin expressed her desire to earn money since her Senior Year was approaching. She did not want to place additional burdens on her already financially strapped family.

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Stacy Whitaker

Stacy is a very talented young man, both academically and athletically. He comes from a family which consists of five brothers, one sister and a disabled mother. Growing up he was a dear friend to mischief and chaos. Stacy needed someone and something positive to put him on the right track. He needed a hand up.

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Jasmine Raines

As a product of a small rural community, Jasmine had not been successful in her job searches. She was a single parent, enrolled at Gordon College. She needed a job to provide income to take care of her needs along with those of her child. Jasmine was concerned with survival and earning a Nursing Degree to ensure she and her child a better quality of life.

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Juana Weldon

At the beginning of the summer of 2009, Juana's father brought her to the Middle Georgia Consortium to introduce her to the staff because she needed a job. He said he called early to find out if we had a summer program and we did. Juana is being raised by her grandmother in an ultra rural community in southern Houston County.

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Ny'ere Shannon

Ny'ere Shannon

Ny'ere came to the Middle Georgia Consortium's Georgia Summer Teen Partnership eligibility session last summer at the Monroe County Recreation Department. He appeared to be scared stiff, lacking confidence, and apprehensive with an inkling of timidity.

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Debra Murray

Debra Murray

Meet Debra Murray, a wife, a mother and a 2008 graduate of Georgia Southern University. Debra earned a Master's of Science Degree in Molecular Biology from Georgia Southern University.

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