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Why Train?

Tomorrow's well-paying job will require more training than ever. The more you learn, the more you earn - and the less likely you'll find yourself jobless. Education pays and "job specific" training starts paying the quickest. MGWDB is here to help Middle Georgians get the training they need.

  • What schools qualify?

    Schools in the Middle Georgia's community area, such as:

    • Fort Valley State University
    • Georgia College & State University
    • Middle Georgia State University
    • Gordon State College
    • Mercer University ($5,000 limit)
    • Wesleyan College ($5,000 limit)
    • Central Georgia Technical College
    • Heart of Georgia Technical College
    • Oconee Fall Line Technical College
    • South Georgia Technical College
    • Southern Crescent Technical College
  • Are there other programs that qualify?

    • Truck Driver Institute (TDI) (CDL Truck Driving School, Forsyth Georgia)
  • What programs of study qualify?

    Those directly linked to employment opportunities ("job specific" programs). Those that the student can complete in two (2) years.

  • What 2-year programs and majors qualify?

    • Associate level programs in most health service areas
    • Bachelors level programs in selected majors
    • Masters level programs if the student's bachelor's degree is not "job specific".
      Examples: Computer Science, Information Systems, Education, Accounting, Health Services, Marketing, Electronics, Management.
  • What if my major is not on the list?

    You can still qualify if you do labor market research to show that your major will get you a job!

  • What students qualify?

    • Students accepted at local post-secondary institutions
    • College Juniors and Seniors
    • College students in Health Services Associate Programs
    • Graduate students without a "job specific" Bachelor's degree
    • Students who can complete in two (2) years
    • Students in good standing (2.5 GPA+)
    • Full time students
    • Low income, laid off or receiving TANF
    • Middle Georgia residents
  • What's in it for me?

    • We pay tuition cost not covered by HOPE and/or Pell.
    • We pay for books and other training-related supplies not covered by HOPE and/or Pell.
    • We may be able to help with emergency expenses.
    • We help you with job assistance when you complete training.
  • What do you want from me?

    • Do well in school, graduate and get a great job!
    • Let us know if your plans, telephone number, or address changes.
    • Answer letters and phone messages.
    • Send us your grades and your schedule every semester or quarter.
    • Let us know when you get that great job!
  • But classes have already started!

    If we find you are eligible and suitable, we can ask the school to bill us for training expenses left over after other grants have been exhausted.

  • What if I don't qualify for help with training?

    We can still help you:

    • Reexamine your career choices
    • Search for a job
    • Search for other financial aid
  • How can you help me find a job?

    • Proofread, type and duplicate resume
    • Use of postage meter, computers, long distance telephone lines, fax machines, and copiers
    • Help pay for employer-required uniforms or tools
    • Provide guidance from experienced Career Facilitators
  • So how do I start?

    Complete the Application for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act services (PDF) to see if you qualify.